2006_03_subwayperv.jpgAs cameraphones are more and more popular, we should expect to see more and more of this: Cameraphone pics of subway perverts. A 15 year old Laguardia student took this photograph of a man who flashed her on a 7 train on the afternoon of Friday, March 3. And by the looks of it, there were most definitely other people on the train! The police released the (carefully cropped) photograph in hopes that people will recognize him. And the girl, who says she got the idea from the Daily News (a fact glossed over by the Post, hee hee), and explains that she did take a picture of his, um, exposed area, saying, "I didn't think anyone would believe me. I wanted to make sure I got him and that people would believe." Oh, we believe it all right - whenever we mention our unfortunate incident with a lunatic, another woman mentions her unfortunate story.

Here's the May 2005 incident where some girls cameraphoned a perv and got the police to nab him. Who can forget the cameraphone-aided capture of a repeat subway pleasuring-perp? And if you don't get the title of the post, it's a play on little pitchers have big ears.