Last summer Special Olympics made waves when they came out in full force to protest Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder and in the process informed us that they would like to banish "the R-word." A year later, the Little People of America have descended upon Brooklyn Heights for their annual conference with a plan to go after "the M-word." And the pop cultural target they're holding up to ignite the masses: Celebrity Apprentice, after a challenge this season where Joan Rivers created a detergent ad called "Jesse James and the Midgets." The chairman of the conference told reporters, "Historically, the word 'midget' has been used to objectify people, like in the circus." He would like to see the FCC ban the word and has written an open letter to NBC. The president of the Little People's Long Island chapter told Newsday, "It's not acceptable to call people the N-word, just as it's not acceptable to call people the M-word. The chosen term now is LP, or little person." Little people have not made it onto Wikipedia's LP disambiguation page, where they hope to one day be listed alongside Launchpad McQuack.