Next week New Yorkers can refrain from being part of the tourism boom at Oregon's Roloff Farms (where stars of TLC reality show Little People, Big World live) because the city is welcoming the Little People of America's national convention in Brooklyn. Their website announces that the convention of over 3,000 little people and their families will take place July 4-10, "at the beautiful Brooklyn Marriott Hotel, located near the Brooklyn Bridge, and just a short hop across the river from Manhattan." The Daily News reports that the Marriott has lowered beds, sinks and ironing boards in preparation, along with a lower check-in desk in the lobby and higher stools in the bar area. Is it wrong that we noticed that the little people's arrivals just happen to coincide with the closing of The Wiz starring Ashanti on Broadway—the musical that snubbed its predecessor's famous casting by having the Munchkins played by tall folks in swivel chairs? Silent protest?