Davonte Kelly, the 11-year-old who was hit by a stray bullet while waiting for his Little League game on Sunday, will get to meet his favorite baseball player. The Mets offered him tickets to a game and the NY Post reports that David Wright is ready and excited as well. Wright said, "I'm looking forward to meeting him and shaking his hand and talking a little baseball with him...Your first reaction is your heart goes out to the family. You never expect things like that to happen to begin with. I'm excited to meet him." It was a miracle that Davonte survived—the bullet didn't enter his skull, but it did dent it. The Mets also sent Davonte a "get-well basket with a bobble head of pitcher Johan Santana and a replica of the old Shea Stadium" while the Yankees also sent him tickets. And Davonte is ready to play ball again; after leaving the hospital yesterday, he said, "I am going to practice. I told my mom I am going to go downstairs and throw the ball against the wall and catch it for 30 minutes every day and exercise my muscles." The police still have not found the shooter. Photo of Davonte Kelly: 1010WINS