Thank goodness: The mother of the 11-year-old boy whose head was hit by a bullet says her son is fine. Devante Kelly had been waiting to play his Little League game at Starrett City in Brooklyn when an apparently stray bullet hit him. Andrea Walters said of son Devante Kelly, "He's fine, I just want everyone to know he's fine and not to worry. He was up and talking through the whole thing like it was nothing." According to the NY Times, the bullet "traveled under the skin for less than an inch, and then come to rest against the skull, hitting it with enough force to put a small depression or dent in it but not enough to break it." Brookdale Hospital neurosurgeon Dr. Louis G. Cornacchia said, "This was as an act of God that this child was not more severely injured. This is not the result of my gifted hands. He was saved long before I ever entered the picture." Devante's mother said she hopes her son will be back to playing soon—she doesn't want him to be afraid—and City Councilman Charles Barron said, "Anybody that has information on this, if you don't want to snitch, tell me - I'll snitch. This is very, very sickening in our community."