Davonte Kelly, the 11-year-old who survived a stray bullet to his head (!!), returned to the Little League ballfields in Brooklyn to cheer his teammates. A week ago, Kelly had been waiting to play a game when the bullet entered his head—he thought he was just hit by a baseball, but it was in fact a bullet, which just missed entering his skull (the bullet did dent it a little). Davonte was in great spirits when chatting with WCBS 2 (which also shows where the bullet hit him), "It just feels great - smell the grass, smell the peanuts, get that urge for playing baseball," and expressed his appreciation for all the support he's been getting. But he's not playing just yet, per doctor's orders. No matter, he told the Daily News, "I might not be on the field today, but at least I'm watching. I love baseball and I love my team." Aw! You rule, Davonte! The police still have not found the shooter; City Councilman Charles Barron urged people with information to step forward, "A little boy ought to be able to play baseball without a bullet lodged in his head."