The folks at the Farm Sanctuary tell us three young ducks were just saved from some bullies in Boro Park, Brooklyn (where they were "mercilessly being taunted and abused of a group of children"). They report back from the scene:

A crowd of people standing in the middle of a wet Brooklyn street in was what initially caught the attention of Rina Deych, a registered nurse and member of the New York Bird Club. As they got closer to the crowd, Deych could make out the source of the commotion: three ducks lying helpless on the pavement as children taunted and tormented them. Deych immediately stopped the car, jumped out and lifted the stressed birds to safety. After gently placing them in her car, she drove the hungry baby ducks to her home, where they enjoyed a sumptuous feast while they awaited transport to Farm Sanctuary.

“The fact that a group of children’s response to injured and frightened animals was to taunt and stomp them is indicative of a dire need for humane education in the classroom and at home,” said Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director.

Thank goodness for good Samaritans! The sanctuary thinks the ducks survived a "probable fall from a transport truck en route to a live market." And one suffers from "an eye trauma so severe he will most likely never regain sight in the eye."