A Select bus driver in the Bronx was a little too selective for one area mother, whose son was whisked away before she had a chance to climb aboard. The Daily News reports that Karen Wilson, 31, got quite a scare Tuesday when her 7-year-old son Rowan boarded a Bx12 Select Bus that took off without her. It's unclear exactly how the two were separated, but Wilson tells the News, "I turned around and I realized that my son wasn't standing next to me anymore, and the bus was pulling away. I ran behind the bus, waving at the driver, and he just kept going. He kept on going. I'm out of my mind now. I pull out my headset and dialed 911."

The police arrived "ten long minutes" later, and the cruiser barreled down Pelham Parkway in search of Rowan. They pulled over two buses that didn't have the boy on board, and then Wilson finally got a call from another cop, telling her Rowan was in police custody at the Botanical Garden. Apparently, he had gotten off the Bx12 bus and was found wandering on Southern Blvd. "His face was full of dried tears," Wilson recalls. "I asked my son what happened and he said that he had asked the driver of the (Bx12) bus to stop because, 'My mom is left behind.' "

An MTA spokesperson declined to comment, but Wilson is so irate over the incident you can almost smell the lawsuit rising in the oven. "I want to know how this driver sleeps at night," she asks. "My son could have been kidnapped. Something terrible could have happened. How could he have done that?"