The non-profit group, Citizens for NYC has issued its annual quality of life survey, with results taken from different neighborhood leaders and activists. And the verdict is that the quality of life is improving, and the big problems are with potholes nad litter. Those surveyed ranked violent crime, property crime, and homeless people on the streets much lower than things like potholes, litter, vandalism, and rats. Here are the top concerns of the different boroughs:
Bronx: Drugs, vandalism, and noise
Brooklyn: Trash and drugs
Manhattan: Trash and drugs; rats
Queens: Potholes, growth and overdevelopment
Staten Island: Potholes, overdevelopment, traffic

Former Congressman Peter Kostmayer who heads the organization said that the survey was good, showing that problems could be a lot worse (like, there could be more crime) and that "City residents shouldn't limit blame to city agencies for these problems, but should lighten up on the horn blowing and put their trash in receptacles where it belongs and not on city streets."

Gothamist on last year's survey; streetnoise seemed to be a much bigger deal last year.