So let's say you are the parents of tots attending the Children's Aid Society's Village nursery school. Naturally you were shocked to learn that the Society, whose goal is to help low-income families in high-poverty neighborhoods, was thinking of selling its home on Sullivan St. so as to better serve more needy neighborhoods. Shocked! So what to do now that the Society's board has unanimously voted to pursue the selling option? How do you prove that your kids are needy and deserving of a cheap nursery school in an expensive neighborhood? Sue 'em, of course!

And that is exactly what one parent did yesterday. Arguing that the December 1 news of the possible closing came too late for many parents to find a suitable alternative, the suit aims to at least assure the school will be open long enough for its current students to get through the program. “The parents don’t want the school to be closed and the situation came to a point where it was appropriate for judicial intervention,” Luke McGrath, a lawyer representing suing parent Viviana Bromberg, told Metropolis.

Children's Aid Society is taking the whole thing in stride though, reiterating that it is just staying true to itself: “Every choice to serve children in one neighborhood is a choice not to serve those in another, and our mission requires us to make those choices in favor of children and communities with more limited resources,” the CEO of the Society, Richard Buery, said.

A judge will decide in February if there is a need for a temporary injunction on the closing.