The hand and foot model suing her UES co-op for $10 million for allegedly ostracizing her because she married a former doorman has been all too happy to tell her story to the tabloids this week—until yesterday, when she suddenly fled the building with a coat over her head. But since Christina Ambers is a famous hand model, the local tabloid photographers immediately recognized her distinctive digits, and some truly hilarious images ensued. "You ruined our lives!" husband Angel Rotger shouted at the shutterbugs as he led his hooded wife along the sidewalk.

The couple has left the building for now, and the residents hope they never come back. But it's so not because Ambers behaves like a revolving door for the building's doormen! "People are not like that here," one unidentified resident tells the Daily News. "They're down-to-earth. [The lawsuit] is so stupid. Whether he's a doorman and he's Hispanic—that's not what people care about." Some say they can't stand Ambers because she "parades around" in skimpy outfits, and another resident declares, "I want them gone. And I want this lawsuit to vanish because it's frivolous and ridiculous." Not to mention lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!