A member of the city's literary elite is suing the posh JW Marriott Essex House hotel on Central Park South after an out-of-control revolving door reportedly flung her onto the ground, breaking her hip.

91-year-old Marianne Strong, who runs the eponymous Upper East Side literary agency, was leaving the Red, White & Blue Duke of Edinburgh International Award Gala on May 22 when she was shoved through the rude revolving doors and deposited inelegantly on the sidewalk outside, the Post reports.

“The door swiveled — and then I came out on the sidewalk,” she told the tabloid. “I was on the pavement, and out cold.”

The Post goes on to use the greatest tabloid segue of all time: "But the hotel giant is no stranger to revolving-door accidents," telling next of a 1997 incident involving San Francisco 49er Vincent Rovetti, who broke his hip after being hit by an automatic door at the San Francisco Marriott. (He later died after suffering a heart attack while undergoing surgery.)

Revolving doors have a history of crushing innocents in their rapid spin. Back in 2011, a dog got stuck in a revolving door at The Caroline apartments on West 23rd Street.

With its aggressive speed and tendency to spontaneously explode, the revolving door isn't for everyone. Let's make a rule: If you're elderly, infirm, or even just really stoned, maybe take the regular door. No shame in that.