In the wake of a series of sexual assaults on women around South Brooklyn, a variety of community-led defenses have sprung up: volunteers on foot and bike have offered to escort women home, and self-defense classes are a hot commodity. So it's only natural that dogs should be the next level of protection, even if they're not exactly Cujo material.

A group of Windsor Terrace volunteers have started a group called K9Watch, which involves dog-centric patrols of the Fort Hamilton Parkway and Church Avenue subway stops. “This neighborhood has always felt very safe and we’re trying to get that back,” founding member Audacia Ray told the Brooklyn Paper. “Any and all dogs are welcome.” Organizers stress that it's simple—"When you take your dog out for an evening walk, put on the official KWT Canine Watch dog bandana, walk by the subways, and wait to see if anyone needs an escort home."

And you don't even need to own a dog to participate—interested volunteers are encouraged to simply walk around the neighborhood (in pairs), to "create a more watchful community presence to deter criminals." If you're interested in volunteering, with or without four-legged friend (who will be provided with a bandanna), sign up right this way.