2005_08_speaker.gifFor some reason, news that 130 of the 468 subway stations don't have public address sytems was shocking. Yes, all subway stations should have PA systems so riders waiting for trains can be alerted of emergencies or even just basically train re-routing issues, but given the crap condition of many stations, it's more a confirmation that the MTA needs to be prodded into doing more. And the truth is, we'd say that of the remaining 336 stations with PA systems, perhaps only 200 of them have intelligible PA systems - when the announcements come on, sometimes it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher - "something something something police investigation something something something delay something something something." The MTA says that PA systems werent' part of some station designs and that they would be added; the Daily News adds that previous upgrading projects have been more about track infrastructure. Okay, tracks are probably more important than PA systems, but we dream that the MTA can do it all one day.

The Permanent Citizens' Advisory Committee to the MTA also said that the MTA lacked a set of standards for employees to follow in an emergency. Clearly, "Get the hell outta here" doesn't cut it. And our readers had some thoughtful ideas about nice NYC subways and why we might not have many.