New Jersey Mayor Chris Christie got salty with the press during his appearance at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show—an annual "lighthearted" and "fun" press corps fundraiser for scholarships at which he's expected to give a speech.

“Anything that gets me off this fucking stage next year, I’m willing to do anything,” Christie said, tiredly.

When asked why he didn't make a humorous video for this year's event, as he's done in years past, he responded, "The reason we don’t have a video is that we just don’t give a shit anymore. We don’t give a shit about this or any of you.”

While the entire event was technically off the record, at least one attendee captured audio of Christie's entire speech on tape, and passed it off to the International Business Times for the public's listening pleasure.

Some jabs drew laughs, but others elicited hisses and boos from the crowd. Like when Christie referred to a journalist who got into a car accident on the way to last night's dinner. "I'm glad to hear he's okay," Christie prefaced. Then lamented, "Why wasn’t the car bigger and why weren’t YOU in it?” ("You" being the entire press corp?)

Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts "described the speech as entirely in line with the spirit and history of the show, which doubles as a charity event," the Times reports.

Whatever you say, Kev. What goes around, comes around.