The Reverend Al Sharpton is broadcasting his radio show live from Zuccotti Park to highlight the Occupy Wall Street protests, "to show that those that are raising issues on Wall Street are as concerned about the economy and that Blacks and Latinos have grave concerns about economic issues and jobs," his organization said in a statement. Sharpton just said that he wanted to bring down a group of ministers to spend the night to show that the movement "is about all of us." In that case: hide the cocaine! But why isn't Al putting them on his new TV show? Is he saything that the protesters have faces for radio?

A group called Occupy the Hood is attempting to garner more minority supporters for the mostly-white movement and Al Sharpton's support certainly couldn't hurt. We've personally noted the movement becoming increasingly more diverse, especially last Wednesday's march from Foley Square. Listen to Sharpton's program until 4 p.m. here.