A list of over a dozen names, including judges and doctors, was found near where a self-proclaimed "anti-feminist" lawyer shot himself after killing the son of a federal judge a week ago, according to multiple reports. Roy Den Hollander, who is suspected of fatally shooting the son of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas and wounding her husband in the family's home in Brunswick, New Jersey, reportedly had other possible targets in mind before investigators say he took his own life in the small town of Rockland, New York hours after the murder.

The list of names, which has not been made public, reportedly included another federal judge in New Jersey, a state judge in Manhattan, and two oncologists.

There was also a photo of New York State’s chief judge, Janet M. DiFiore, in the Toyota Corolla rental car found at the roadside site where Den Hollander's body was found shot in the head, multiple outlets report.

The gun that investigators say Den Hollander used to kill himself is a Walther .380, the same caliber of gun used to kill Salas's 20-year-old son Daniel Anderl on July 19th and a rival anti-feminist lawyer in Crestline, California named Marc Angelucci on July 11th, the NY Times reports.

Investigators now say Den Hollander traveled by train to San Bernardino, where security camera footage shows him walking through the train station wearing a face mask. He then rented a car and drove to Angelucci's home, where he allegedly posed as a FedEx worker and fatally shot Angelucci, 52, when he opened the door. Den Hollander then returned to the east coast by train out of Los Angeles, and a little over a week later murdered Anderl and critically wounded Judge Salas's husband in a similarly staged attack. (Salas, who was in the basement at the time, was unharmed.)

Angelucci was the vice president of the National Coalition for Men, a men’s rights group that had previously ousted Den Hollander. It is believed that Den Hollander may have been motivated by jealousy over a successful lawsuit Angelucci fought in Texas federal court challenging the male-only military draft as unconstitutional. Den Hollander had a similar lawsuit pending in Salas's court, and in online writings he used misogynistic, bigoted language to rail against delays in the case.

Den Hollander had recently received a terminal cancer diagnosis, which investigators believe may explain the oncologists' names on the list found in his rental car. One of the oncologists was confirmed to have treated Den Hollander, sources told the Times.

“Death’s hand is on my left shoulder. nothing in this life matters anymore,” Den Holladner wrote in an online manifesto that is part of thousands of pages of misogynistic, racist writings he left behind.

The FBI did not immediately respond to request for comment about the list of names, which also included Judge Salas and Angelucci. Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered protection for Judge DiFiore after it was determined that Den Hollander had a photograph of her.