Trains on the Babylon, Ronkonkoma, Montauk, and Long Beach Long Island Rail Road lines are still running with delays following an overnight work train derailment that seriously screwed up a lot of people's commutes. The maintenance car derailed overnight east of Woodside. No one was injured, but the process of removing the train affected five lines during the worst period of the morning commute.

One enterprising Pokemon Go enthusiast took advantage of the unexpected down time before work.

Others wondered whether it was worth it to even try.

This guy decided no.

For one newbie LIRR commuter, the horror is just a taste of what's to come (until lawmakers in Albany commit meaningful funding to repairing the MTA's crumbling empire).

One commuter was unaware that the Long Island Rail Road is not a privately operated corporation, which may offer a clue to part of the source of the problem.

Others expressed their frustration through the time-honored medium of bad jokes.

Parenthetically, imagine how much of this sort of internet use we are spared by the lack of connectivity in most of the subway system.

With residual delays on the L train from a track fire that shut down service between Bedford Avenue and Eighth Avenue until 10 a.m., traffic back-ups in the Lincoln Tunnel and on the Van Wyck Expressway and Garden State Parkway following separate crashes, this morning's commute was a disaster for hundreds of thousands of work-bound schlubs.