They may be considered "grease monkeys" by the New York Post, but LIRR mechanics are cleaning up when it comes to overtime pay. One diesel yard in Richmond Hill, Queens saw six of its union mechanics take in $1.5 million in income, mostly from OT and other perks. Leading the way is Ronald Dunne, a car repairman, who made $220k of his $283k in income from overtime and puts him as the fifth highest breadwinner in the MTA. The paper calls the Richmond Hills yard a gold mine, reasonably enough since they mention that Dunne made so much last year that he purchased a set of gold-plated wrenches. A spokesman for the LIRR said, "Antiquated work rules in collective-bargaining agreements have led to excessive earnings at our Richmond Hill maintenance facility by some employees with high seniority," Last year it was revealed that mostly retired LIRR employees have made over $250 million in disability pay this decade.