With a criminal trial still pending, the LIRR has fired the engineer accused of allowing a man to drive his train for up to twenty miles during a rush hour trip in July. After an internal investigation, Long Island Rail Road officials decided to terminate Ronald Cabrera for what the Nassau County DA called an "unimaginably reckless act.” Cabrera, who had worked for the LIRR for twenty years, will get to keep his pension. He still insists that hewas always in control of the Port Jefferson train heading into the city that court stenographer William Kutsch is accused of driving through seven car crossings, one pedestrian crossing, and 24 home signals. Cabrera's lawyer says the incident is "a perceived event, rather than something that really happened." He also called the termination an attempt by the MTA to divert attention from its own "fumbling, inefficient and wasteful mismanagement." Both Cabrera and Kutsch could face a year in jail if they are convicted on reckless endangerment charges.