Yesterday, Long Island Rail Road train derailed west of the Jamaica Station, which Newsday reports "caus[ed] major damage to rails and switches"; luckily no one was hurt. Even though repair crews have been working on it through the night, the MTA has cancelled 12 westbound Monday morning trains into Penn Station and Flatbush Avenue and modified other services, telling customers they "should anticipate significant schedule changes and possible delays"--check the MTA's service alert. LIRR Riders Council chairman Gerry Bringmann said, "Thank God this happened on a weekend. The fact that we have two [accidents] within four or five days - that's scary stuff," referring to the Wednesday incident where two LIRR trains bumped at Jamaica Station. The MTA says yesterday's derailment is being investigated but it's "not related to the train sideswipe that occurred in Jamaica on November 19."