Yesterday Miss Heather came across this sad sight, the latest window display at T & N Wine and Liquor store on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

The establishment’s proprietor, Chris, told her he ordered 25 chicks from a hatchery, which were delivered via the USPS. They're currently being held hostage in the liquor store display window until just after Easter, when they will be promptly moved to a farm upstate, and killed six weeks later. Allegedly they were bred for body mass, and after that amount of time their legs will no longer be able to support their weight.

We just called the liquor store to ask what would happen to the rabbits (yep, there are rabbits in there too!), but the Polish (?) man who answered simply yelled: "Don't you worry about that! Let me worry about that!"

We've contacted Farm Sanctuary and the Humane Society of the U.S. for a comment, and will update when we hear back. Until then, think of ways to liberate these little guys from their present situation: hawking 80 proof hooch to the masses.

UPDATE: Adam Goldfarb at the HSUS tells us the organization "opposes displays like this because they fail to address all of the animals’ needs. Additionally, storefront animal displays like this are required to be licensed by The USDA as animal exhibitors, but rarely are."