About those rabbits in the Greenpoint liquor store window display? They allegedly belong to a friend of the owner, and will return back home after Easter... but the chicks, they can be yours! In a disturbing update, Miss Heather says the proprietor "has changed his plan" (which was to slaughter them at a farm in six weeks) and that "anyone who wants a chick after Easter can have one." Which means there will be lots of abandoned chicks around town in about one week from now. Unless Farm Sanctuary saves the day! Spokesperson Meredith Turner told us this morning:

“Farm Sanctuary opposes the use of living, breathing, feeling beings as holiday 'decorations.' We are very concerned about the well-being of these animals and what will happen to them after the holiday passes, and T & N Wine and Liquor moves on to their next window display.

Giving live chicks away for free to customers increases the likelihood that these animals will be improperly cared for and later abandoned, as most people, no matter how well-intentioned, are unequipped to take care of these fragile birds. Additionally, when the reality of their on-going care sets in, these chicks will most likely end up being taken to overcrowded shelters or dumped outside to fend for themselves, where they usually die within days. This is why Farm Sanctuary discourages people from buying live chicks and bunnies for Easter.”

For their part, the Sanctuary has reached out to their Farm Animal Adoption Network to try to secure lifelong homes for the chicks, and we're told the ASPCA plans to visit the store. Meanwhile, our man on the street Tien Mao dropped by last night and tells us the place "smells like a pet store."