A Bensonhurst man was arrested on Wednesday for selling a dark green liquid mixture of alcohol and marijuana. Yes, liquid marijuana! It's news to us, and Capt. Gerard Dowling of the Manhattan South narcotics division says "it has not been seen around here before." The suspect, 32-year-old Anthony Briordy, told cops a four-ounce dose of it was stronger than one "marijuana cigarette," as the Times daintily puts it.

Briordy had eight Mason jars of the stuff in his apartment, plus cocaine, Percocet, Xanax, oxycodone, ecstasy and ketamine. Quite the collection. An undercover officer started buying from him a couple of months ago as he allegedly peddled drugs from his car, and this week he finally invited them into his apartment, where he brewed the distilled marijuana resins fermented with 180-proof grain alcohol. According to the Post (which goes with the headline "Stir the Pot") Briordy faces 22 felony counts of drug dealing.

Briordy allegedly told detectives he was selling about 16 ounces of the substance for $120; the liquid could then be mixed with juice, alcohol, or surreptitiously poured into punchbowls at government functions to bring about world peace. Up in Canada, you can also purchase (with a prescription) a liquid marijuana extract called Sativex that's sprayed into the mouth. And preliminary Google search turned up this recipe for extracting the essential oils from hemp—the instructions seem similar to what police describe as Briordy's method, but clearly further research is called for.