When there's a bottle, there's a way to get nervous. Two separate incidents, one underground and the other in the air, involving bottled liquids caused diversions and stoppages. A flight from Atlanta to NYC was diverted to Charlotte, NC when a flight attendant was concerned about a strange-smelling bottle of water. Or make that "water." Once the plane landed, the bomb-sniffing dogs were brought on and crew and passengers were interviewed. But nothing suspicious or hazardous was found, and the flight got back on its way three hours later. Of course, the passengers had to be re-screened, and one apparently had a "medical emergency" and went to the hospital. But all in the name of safety, no?

And on a 6 train yesterday morning, the police were told there was a "suspicious bottle of liquid" seen at 125th Street. So the NYPD spot-checked the train at a number of stations in MIdtown. According to the Daily News, the police asked, "Is anyone carrying a liquid?" leading a woman in gym clothes to give up her "Poland Spring water bottle with red juice inside it" (the police took the bottle). This should be interesting - will the police start checking the liquids we carry when they do bag searches? But if this means they'll get rid of the bottle of pee on the platform, is it such a bad thing to be paranoid?