2007_03_fireescapes.jpgYesterday's West 65th Street apartment building fire was caused by lint buildup in the clothes dryer. Somehow the lint ignited, and according to the NY Times, "flames racing upstairs in the pipe recesses between the building’s front facade and an inner wall." That's a lesson right there: Clean out the lint!

Though most of the building's residents had left by the time the FDNY arrived, two people were found by in extremely smoky conditions on the third floor thanks to a thermal-imaging camera. A man and woman were "huddled beside a rear window blocked by a locked gate." That's another lesson - do not padlock your windows. The FDNY believes the couple couldn't find a key, and a commander said about the locked window, "We don’t like to see gates like that." And firefighters did find a smoke detector, but it didn't have working batteries. The 31-year-old woman found was in cardiac arrest and actually flatlined, but medics brought her back to life and she is now in stable condition. Her companion is also in stable condition; 10 other people were injured.

If you didn't replace the batteries in your smoke detector during Daylight Savings Time, do it now. And here are the FDNY's tips on planning a fire escape plan, what do in a high-rise fire and home safety tips (here's the main safety page).