2005_09_ellead.jpgAs the West Village is happy that the City Planning Commission wants to prevent high-rises from being built (well, the measure needs the City Counci's okay),and Gothamist can only suspect it's part pre-emptive strike against huge outdoor advertisements. For example, the Queens Tower Condos in Rego Park are the target of many complaints for putting up a huge lingerie ad outside one of the buildings. The Department of Buildings has issued violations to the condo's president, as the ad "went up without a permit and in a zoning district where they are prohibited." The Buildings Department says they are just "too big and too high." The ads, for Elle MacPherson's lingerie line, were supposed to be taken down in October anyway, says the ad's marketing director, who added, "You usually don't see posters like that in Queens. You see them in Times Square, so we thought it would be a perfect place to stand out and get a little exposure." That's so weird - we went to Queens to get away from Times Square. But then again, Queens was the only place in NYC with a Red Lobster for a while. Gothamist can only assume that Buildings Department fasttracked these violations in fear that drivers on the LIE would get into accidents.

Gothamist on the Flatiron's H&M ad and the saturation of ads in the city.

Photograph from the NY Post