While shipments have already reached some iPhone faithful already, there are lines outside Apple Stores around the world for the eagerly awaited iPhone 4. Yesterday, the Fifth Avenue Apple Store's line saw a visit from Conan O'Brien, this morning the cops were called in to calm crowds at the Staten Island Apple Store, and today, the first Fifth Avenue customers are being cheered:

Some people waiting outside the Fifth Avenue store were trying to sell their spots for $1,000—one said he got an offer of $1,200, "People see us from the street and throw out numbers. We're in the mentality of making money and the more we wait, the better offers we get." Viva capitalism! CNN has tips for how to get an iPhone 4 without waiting outside an Apple Store—and a Consumer Reports editor puts it in perspective: "How much better is your life going to be if you stay up all night -- maybe get mugged or defecated on by a bird, or whatever, by being outside -- than if you wait two weeks and walk into a deserted Radio Shack and buy it."