2008_05_llohanjacket.jpgAfter a Columbia student informed the Post that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan borrowed--without permission--an $11,000 mink, the Post put the story on its cover yesterday, exposing the ugly truth of the fabulous: You may be going to a private party at an exclusive lounge, but you're still putting your coat into a communal coat bin.

Now the Post hilariously sifts through the paparazzi evidence, detailing Lohan's and the coats' whereabouts that night: "She arrives at the nightclub 1Oak in her black coat....As she leaves the club in the wee hours, photographers capture the Long Island-born star grinning - and wearing the striking blond coat."

Lohan's reps tell the Post that "one of Lohan's male pals accidentally grabbed the valuable fur at the club." But was La Lohan so far gone that she didn't realize she was wearing a completely new coat? Or does her entourage give her new coats at every stop?

Anyway, the lesson: Keep one's precious coat close--you're not putting your purse in a communal purse bin, are you?