On opening day of this season's Midsummer Night Swing, Lincoln Center has become a free WiFi hot spot. So if you're at Josie Robertson Plaza, in Damrosch Park, or on the North Plaza by the Reflecting Pool, your laptop, phone or PDA will be wired.

Lincoln Center president Reynold Levy said, “One of the goals of Lincoln Center’s transformation projects is to encourage visitors to our campus to come earlier and linger longer, both before and after performances." We wonder if this will encourage people to blog about performances during intermissions.

Here's information on Lincoln Center WiFi. Lincoln Center also has a sweepstakes to celebrate its WiFi - you can win tickets to Mark Morris's Mozart Dances during Mostly Mozart and a Nokia tablet (Nokia is providing the service).

Here's a map of free WiFi in city parks and a map of city hotspots per NYCwireless.

Photograph of Lincoln Center at night by 100five on Flickr