2005_11_cellphonetower.jpgA bunch of cell phone company suits went to City Hall yesterday to plead their case to the City Council, which is considering a bill that would regulate where cell phone towers can be placed. Newsday reports, "There are now uncounted thousands of the devices on buildings around the city, placed by several competing companies to fill 'dead spots' in their wireless phone service," and naturally cell phone companies are loathe to have to get approval to put the towers up. City Councilman Peter Vallone sponsored the bill, as one neighborhood in his district has 13 cell phone towers in a six-block radius and he's worried that cell phone rays are harming his constituents; the funny thing is that the T-Mobile response to health concerns was that health concerns would make them a federal matter, therefore, don't bog down us getting cell phone towers up!

A group of co-op owners in Park Slope were upset their co-op board approved a cell phone antenna.