Lil Wayne will cap off his first days of freedom from Rikers, after serving an eight month sentence for a gun possession charge, with an "elegant, extravagant" evening of celebration and strippers to welcome him home. It was a semi-calm first day for Wayne yesterday, but it will soon be a very busy week for the rap superstar, with cross-country trips and parties galore. Thankfully for us, his official fan club, MTV, is there to report on his every move, from his first glass of post-prison champagne to his first post-prison dump.

DJ Scoob Doo tweeted several pictures yesterday to give fans a glimpse into his return to society, including shots of him watching his music video for "Steady Mobbin'" for the first time, and another of him enjoying (what appears to be) a cigar and Cognac while tweeting. Today, Wayne will head to Arizona to deal with some outstanding charges, then fly over the next few days to New Orleans, Las Vegas (where he is expected to appear on stage with Drake during a show), and Miami, for the aforementioned lavish party. Of that party, Young Money president Mack Maine said, "It should be a lot of beautiful women, just...beautiful scenery. Just treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family."

Maine also told MTV that Weezy was excited to get back to making music, and described his last visit with Wayne in jail last Wednesday: "He rapped to me. The whole time, he rapped. He rapped a lot of different songs and just kept telling me, 'Mack, I need beats.' So the main...priority when he comes home is to make sure he has tracks." But MT-Weezy-V is nervous about Lil Wayne's re-integration into society; after all, it's not like he spent much of his prison sentence communicating with fans, blogging about sports, and talking to his kids and wife. Hopefully an elegant party, ala his 25th (video below), can help ease that isolation.