phpTItec0PM.jpgLil Wayne was in Manhattan court yesterday trying to prove his tour bus is pot-free. Too bad his star witness was...his "assistant" and pot dealer! The NY Post reports that "testifying at a suppression hearing for Lil Wayne's Manhattan gun-possession case, Terry Bourgeois told the judge that nobody was smoking pot on the 30-foot tour bus when it was pulled over one night last summer near Columbus Circle" after a Beacon Theater concert. Bourgeois did admit that there was some partying on the way to the venue, and that he "probably brought it on." He also noted that the cops could likely smell the remnants of it later, but he couldn't because "I'm a smoker. I'm used to it." As for the firearm, he claims to have never seen Wayne with a gun. If convicted, he could go to jail for over 3 years. Get your "Free Weezy!" signs ready, folks.