Parents for Occupy Wall Street has organized a Rally Against NYPD Bullies today from Union Square to Foley Square then on to City Hall. According to the group's website, from 11 a.m. to noon in Union Square, " A children's GA and open-mic will take place where children and students of all ages can voice their concerns about problems within their communities," along with "an arts and crafts session…to help make Anti-Bullying signs and paper hearts." If you thought the human mic was a mess before, wait until a few toddlers get started on how crappy Pedialyte tastes.

At noon, the group will move on to Foley Square, and in an action designed to denounce "bullying and specifically the recent actions of NYPD Police Brutality," the children will first face the State Supreme Court Building, then "turn their backs and cover their eyes, as this silent message will be one too shameful for them to see." We can recall a specific name for this exercise.

Finally, the children and their parents will "place 5,000 paper hearts" in City Hall Park, "one to represent each peaceful protest arrested over the past 3 months."

This is the same group that sponsored the family sleepover in Zuccotti Park back in October, and it seems they've shrewdly adopted the message of recent anti-bullying campaigns being led across the country. The questions remain: does the NYPD have kiddie-strength pepper spray? Will children receive Lunchables in the Tombs? Will Ray Kelly decide to kettle them all into a Moon Bounce?

Email us your photos of the march or tag them as "Gothamist" on Flickr. We're interested to see how this one pans out.