The son of a slain mobster was arrested last night for allegedly holding a gun against a Staten Island man's head while trying to collect on a debt. "Your son owes me $600. Give me $600 or you're both dead," said Frank Persico, the precious 19-year-old gangster-wannabe, to his 43-year-old unnamed victim, according to police.

Thankfully, Persico brought along Albert Morelli, 32, as backup, lest his threats weren't intimidating enough. Morelli swung a hammer around menacingly, and allegedly told the victim, "You better come up with the money or you’re dead." Persico and Morelli both face charges of second-degree menacing and second-degree harassment, while Morelli is also charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Persico is the son of the late Frank Persico, a Colombo crime family stockbroker, who spent five years in prison after pleading guilty to cheating investors out of $50 million in a massive mob-run "pump and dump" scheme, and who died in 2006 months after leaving prison. The senior Frank Persico was also cousin to one-time crime boss Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico, currently serving life sentences for murder and racketeering.