Kids ride the subway for free if they're 44 inches or shorter. Apparently that hasn't stopped plenty of taller children from embarking on a life of crime, ducking through turnstiles or opening the emergency gate (which we all know is a capital offense). According to a recent MTA report, 43% of people who skip fares are kids. But it seems that some of the kids' parents are copacetic with their progeny's proscribed behavior. "The MTA's dumb…as long as they don't enforce it, we'll keep doing it," one mother tells the Daily News, perhaps confusing the MTA with The Met: "We pay for every little thing, and the fare is too expensive to begin with. I don't feel guilty."

Fare-beating reaches an all-time high around 3 p.m. when the jails schools let out, and the scofflaws end up costing the agency "millions." While the report noted that some people are unaware of the height restrictions, some beat the fare because they can, like one mother of a 9-year-old who said, "No one's ever stopped me, and until they do, we'll keep doing this." That's the spirit! One mother who applied for a student card for her daughter hasn't killed her Jiminy Cricket quite yet, acknowledging that the MTA "never enforce it. I feel bad though." Fare beating still seems more malicious on the bus, when you actually have to face a human being and essentially deny their existence.