sfc_1118.gifOur temperatures are above normal. It don't look too pretty outside but Gothamist likes this warm spell we're having. Tomorrow looks to be a repeat if maybe a degree or two warmer. Cool and rainy on Saturday, a good day to stay inside or go to a party. The rain might continue into Sunday but it should warm up again. There isn't much on the weather horizon after the warm front passes us on Sunday. That's good news if you're in town for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The warm weather and lack of snow around here means we're out of luck if we want to go skiing and don't have a flight to Colorado. As of right now none of the ski areas in New York or New England have snow. Both AccuWeather and Weather.com have nifty ski weather pages. Gothamist will look at those in more detail once there is more snow to be had.