It's always great when surveys confirm what we know, because then it helps make us seem a little less crazy. amNew York reports on the NYC Transit Rider Council's bus survey that shows buses are typically 5 minutes and 15 behind their published schedules. The culprit is traffic and congestion that causes "bunching," which is when "one, two, or even three buses arrive at the same stop almost simultaneously." Another interesting finding: Some buses' signs say "Not in Service," "Subway Shuttle" and "Evacuation Center" even when they are running on their regular route!

Speaking of buses, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein said he wouldn't allow a 6 year old to take a city bus or subway to school. What's also funny is that some school buses are still dropping off kids a half hour after school starts, since the drivers have to drop off students at another school first!

Photograph a MTA bus depot in Greenpoint by jUSTINYC on Flickr