The summer storm that rolled into town a couple hours ago was brief but powerful: There are a number of incidents about downed trees all over Manhattan (see the Gothamist Newsmap), such as "Trees down at West Side Hwy & 70th St," a "downed tree on a taxi" on E 86th St, and "Tree down on a car" at Riverside Dr & 101st St (a tipster writes, "Man was stuck under car for 20 minutes after an entire tree fell on him while he was driving in Riverside Park on 101 st)—some even have requests for "additional chain saws"—we hope no one was hurt.

Plus, there was a "sidewalk shed collapse" at Madison Ave & 99th St and "storm damage" at Central Park. (We're not sure if a "partial building collapse" at Dupont St & Oakpoint Ave in the Bronx is due to the storm.)

Above are some photographs from readers of last night's display.