Though Jets fans were happy to watch Brett Favre fumble his way into a loss for the Vikings, they had to wait a while for the satisfaction. Due to the rain and lightning delay, the game didn't start until 9:15, and fans had to wait inside from about 8:15 p.m. until kickoff. Judging by the photos above, it looked nice and cozy.

Though it started pouring again shortly before halftime, fans were back in the seats. One fan wrote on Twitter, "I wonder if the New Meadowlands Stadium gift shop sells canoes. IT IS COMING DOWN!" while another mentioned the stadium was gouging fans out of $30 for raincoats. The train ride home was even worse , with some fans waiting over an hour to board NJ Transit back to Penn Station, and had to transfer at Secaucus to get there. At least the win made it worth it this time.