The high pressure system responsible for these mild weather conditions has finally moved eastward enough to give most of us warmer weather this afternoon. Highs should reach the mid-80s for much of the region, except right along the shore where a strong sea breeze will keep the temperature in the mid 70s.

A low is expected to move southeastward from the western Great Lakes overnight but that high pressure system giving us the warm weather today should be strong enough to keep any rainfall from that storm on the light side. We'll probably see some rain in the city from late tonight until about noon Thursday, but nothing severe like what is forecast for the Appalachians. Because of the rain and cloudy skies look for tomorrow's high to be in the mid 70s.

A new high pressure system arrives late tomorrow night, promising clear skies and warmer weather for the weekend. Our highs should bounce back to the upper 70s on Friday and be up to the muggy upper 80s early next week.

While the first half of next week will be warm, the Northeast is going to get off easy compared to the heat wave that is expected to bake the southwestern portion of the country next week. Los Angeles may top 100 on Monday and Phoenix could be close to 120 degrees for several days.