An article in the Post about an initiative for a light rail on 42nd Street piqued Gothamist's interest because the lack of efficient crosstown transportation options has always bugged us. Given the slower than molasses crosstown bus service and the neverending development along 42nd Strett, the group vision42 is trying to get a light rail built, to make 42nd Street a boulevard of pedestrians, complete with outdoor cafes and other stores. This idea is fascinating, but almost so strange to think of: A 42nd Street without cars. The photographs and maps are fun, in a trippy, NYC-in-the-future movie sort of way.

The Department of Transportation told the Post, ""We are always open to new ideas, but we have had concerns about the feasibility of a 42nd Street light rail. The Shuttle and No. 7 trains currently provide cross-town service, and the administration's transit priority in the area is the extension of the No. 7." Yeah, the 7 train seems closer to a tenable solution, especially since the MTA said an expanded 7 line was the reason the Jets' West Side bid was selected. Here's vision42's thoughts on the 7 train expansion.

vision42 will be putting up the results of different studies - economic impact, traffic and cost - on their website on April 18, which is also when a public forum will be held at 7PM, Marriott Marquis. Reserve at seat here.

Image from vision42