Remember last summer when lifeguards became the new target for water-logged watchdogs? Well, it's gettin' hot out there, and a reader sent in the following account after visiting Rockaway Beach this weekend—signaling another summer of lazy lifeguarding!:

I was at Rockaway Beach on Saturday, June 26th at the 125th Street entrance and there was a blond female lifeguard on duty. She brought the whole family along and sat in the lifeguard tower with her baby in her lap for a good 45 minutes. I hardly see how you can jump off the lifeguard tower and save a life with a baby in your damn lap. She was the only lifeguard up on the lifeguard tower at the time, and seemed to be the only lifeguard on duty for that area, as the other lifeguard was having a photoshoot with his girlfriend. Haven't there been a lot of drownings lately? Shouldn't our lifeguards be paying attention to the ocean?

To be fair, in one photo there does seem to be another lifeguard on the sand (maybe his girlfriend didn't show up yet with the camera?)—however, it probably isn't a great idea to hold a baby up on the lifeguard chair, as it would shave off important time from any rescue effort, and possibly even put the baby in harm's way. All we're saying is, Mitch Buchannon's cadre of good-looking, slow-motion-jogging lifeguards would have never pulled this kind of stunt. We've contacted the Parks Department for a comment on this particular incident, and will update when/if we hear back. And don't forget to send us your sand-side observations and lifeguard critiques all summer long!

UPDATE: The Parks Dept. tells us, "The chairs are for use by lifeguards only and we are reviewing the circumstances described to determine whether it was appropriate."