A Robert DeNiro impersonator was arrested and jailed after burglarizing his ex's apartment, which is in the same building where Iris, the young hooker played by Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, lived. The Post reports that Joseph Manuella followed his ex girlfriend's roommate into their apartment at 250 East 13th Street and stole his ex, Evelyn Liu's, "wallet with credit cards, Palm Pilot, fax machine, $400 cash, and a $1,000 security-deposit check from a third roommate." He also stole her mattress and condoms, "to prevent her from seeing other men" according to pollice, and was decked out in camoflauge. Of course, Liu had dumped Manuella. His previous arrest was for "impersonating" Robert DeNiro: He had a Visa with the name "Robert DeNiro" and worked his faux celebrity for swag and discounts at hotels and restaurants. It's unclear whether or not Manuella knew that Liu's apartment building was featured in Taxi Driver. Gothamist suggests Liu think back to how they met (was he stalking her outside the building, muttering about her while driving a taxi), as she gets that restraining order.

Manuella's IMDB entry which includes stand in work for Robert DeNiro.