2006_08_amw.jpgAfter a decade of being featured on America's Most Wanted, Charles "Chaka" Raysor turned himself in at a Brooklyn police precinct. Raysor, who had been a "Most Wanted" fugitive on the program 11-13 times, had been indicted in 1996 for leading a drug gang that made weekly profit of $90,000 in Bed-Stuy. The gang which was called "The Killers" was also accused of killing many people, including three people they wrongly thought would testify against them. Raysor ended up hopping around different states, from North Carolina and Virginia to Alabama and Pennsylvania, until coming back to Brooklyn where he told the police he was tired of running.

During the arraignment, the NY Times notes that prosecutors "carried a fading photocopy" of the old indictment. And the Daily News says that Raysor knew he was featured on America's Most Wanted because a Brooklyn neighbor told him.