It looks like the war over a plan to close Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn has reached its end. A new agreement—touted by Chief LICH Champion Mayor de Blasio—will guarantee that health services are available at the beleaguered site, with the possibility of eventually blossoming again into a fully operational hospital.

The deal enables SUNY to relinquish ownership of the hospital in May, handing it over to community groups who will then auction it off to health-oriented bidders. SUNY, which is currently losing $13 million a month, initially considered bids from developers interested in building condos, but Thursday's plan gives community groups a say in the site's outcome.

De Blasio called the deal "a victory for all parties involved," adding that it “paves the way for putting a long-term, sustainable health-care facility in place for the residents of Brooklyn.”

As public advocate, de Blasio was arrested in July for protesting the hospital's closure.