2005_07_queenslicense.jpgQueens is getting their own customized license plate, which Queens officials hope will promote tourism. The license says "Discover Queens" and "See the World," and costs $43 for the first year, and $25 for the following years (more if you want a vanity number). It's definitely a cute license plate, but Gothamist is unsure if a license plate alone can encourage someone to visit a borough...perhaps the URL for Discover Queens should have been put there instead. We also bet Marty Markowitz is working on a Brooklyn license plate now - "Fuhgeddaboutit" and/or "Oy Vey!" will be featured alongside images of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Cyclone, or a slab of cheesecake.

You can buy the Discover Queens license plate here. Some of our favorite things in Queens: The Noguchi Museum, Indian food in Jackson Heights, PS 1, the Museum of the Moving Image, Greek food in Astoria, and Mr. Met.