2006_08_weldugh.JPGCritics of red light cameras, take note. A woman was given a $50 ticket after the camera didn't catch her license. Yes, didn't! Lisa Sims of Ohio who has never been to New York City was issued the ticket when, somehow, her license plate which starts with DQN was mistaken for a car with DON that ran a red light on West Houston in June. Sims offered pitch perfect quotes to the Daily News,

"I didn't want to go there to begin with and now I really don't want to go... If I'm going to get tickets like this when I've never been there, then what's going to happen if I do go.. They're pretty much slackers if you ask me. It makes me wonder how many people who don't want to go through the hassle end up just paying the ticket."

Sing it, sister! The city threw out the ticket, but only after Sims had to spend a lot of time and effort proving the car wasn't hers. This is pretty damn embarrassing - now our only question is did they find the true person who ran the red light, because Houston Street is a damn mess and no one should be running red lights or turning right on red there.

Triborough had a funny post on what license plates are available from the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles. And the city announced it was doubling the number of cameras earlier this summer.