A City Council member is trying to push a bill that would require bike riders to have license plates ("registration plates" ) and fine those without registered bikes. Little kids with unregistered tricycles don't have to worry - the bill would apply to 16 year-olds and older. Bronx Democrat Madeline Provenzano says that bicyclists are "danger to the elderly" and others in traffic, with their "zig-zagging." Transportation Alternatives says the bill is misguided and that Provenzano doesn't like bike riding (Provenzano says her family is made up avid bike riders, except herself). Sure, bikes can be dangerous, but then why not go after the jay walkers? Where are our chips to be implanted into our heads so the police can easily ID us?

jpreardon has some more information about Provenzano's bike-related history and the bill. Gothamist wonders if bike license plating is a covert plan to crack down on bikers who participate in the Critical Mass rides, which are bigger than ever and more political. And we loved the response City Councilman John Liu, who chairs the transportation committee that will decide on the bill, gave, "When I was a kid, I had a license plate on my bike. I'm trying to remember which cereal box I got it from." Plus, the Department of Transportation's Bike Routes in NYC. And it is a good idea to your bike registered with the police, in case it gets stolen.