Libyan rebel leaders are claiming that they have surrounded a cluster of buildings where deposed leader Moammar Gadhafi and some of his sons are hiding out. On Sunday, rebel forces took over the Libyan capital of Tripoli, essentially bringing Gadhafi's four decade rule to an end. Gadhafi escaped that attack, but rebels say the end is nigh: "They are together. They are in a small hole. Today we finish. Today we will end that," said one of the fighters involved in the battle, Muhammad Gomaa.

Yesterday, Libyan commandos said they came close to capturing the toppled leader when they raided a private home in Tripoli where he appeared to have been hiding. According to AP, "Moammar Gadhafi's spokesman tells AP Gadhafi is in Libya and leading fight against rebels."

Rumors and erroneous reports have spread since the rebels took over the city: over the weekend, the rebels claimed they had captured Gadhafi's son Seif al Islam Gadhafi, but he later showed up free at a hotel full of foreign journalists. However, to ensure his capture, the rebels have posted a $1.4 million bounty for apprehending (or killing) Gadhafi.

The weirdest piece of news to come out of Libya since the rebels took over is proof of Gadhafi's obsession/crush on former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Back in 2007, Gadhafi told Al Jazeera: “I support my darling black African woman. “I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders…Leezza, Leezza, Leezza…I love her very much. I admire her and I’m proud of her because she’s a black woman of African origin.” And yesterday, rebels found a photo album dedicated to Rice while ransacking his Bab al-Azizia compound. At this point, Libya's top comedians feel Gadhafi is too pathetic to make fun of.